Selasa, 23 Agustus 2016

My Beloved Racket

It started by my friend, he asked me "How many medals that Indonesia got in Rio?"
I said "Two medals. 1 gold from badminton." "I heard P.V also got medal too, isn't it?"

I don't know why my mood asks me to write something about racket but after that conversation I realized that I have an old buddy (not only my bike), a blue racket.

When I was a kid, I'm really a fat girl who loved by all old people (owh, so adorable kid *pinch* 😆 ) and bullied by my friends (look at that ball, is it ball or people?)😒
I hate sports, they are too fast for me and I'm too slow.
Every time I run or jogging I always get ankle strain and bad sensation on my breath. Huah such a horrible thing when it's exercise class.

Once I watched tv and there's a sport channel about badminton competition and for several days (or weeks) that channel always shows badminton competition and it affected to my neighbours. I saw my neighbours play badminton every afternoon. It makes me curious and I asked my friend to join. Yeay I was accepted. I lend my friend's racket and I started to play (one by one 😎) with my friend. I forgot I won or not but I'm sure I didn't. Hiks.

After I lent it several times, the sensation of play badminton makes me addicted. I want to lend it again and again so I asked my mommy and daddy and of course as the only one daughter, they bought me two new (cheap) rackets. Why is it two? My mom said I can lend the other to my friends or at least I can change my racket if I boring with other so I can look like a pro. Muehehe.

My dad bought two rackets but they are not same. One has green net, silver paint and it make sounds when I shake it, it's strong enough cause the racket is used by my sister now and the other was so heavy, the grip was made by wood and it's not strong enough after 1 year the net was broke after I played it on my grandma's house so I gave it to my brother, he said he can fix it.

Hmmm...and the time passed by I was on 5th grade and it's been two years I have that silver racket. My grandpa who live in Java called my dad and he said that my uncle got an accident. So my dad and I (minus my mom and my new sister, she was born on 2008) went to Jave by ship. Oh..the experience was so amazing broh. We didn't bought VIP class tickets but an illegal tickets. Muehehe. I will tell about this other experience in other post if I remember it. So finally I met my grandpa, my only one handsome grandpa, he loves me so much but we don't really understand each other languages. My grandpa is using Javanene language and I am using Banjarese language and our Bahasa Indonesia was so bad huek.
On the last day in my grandpa's house, he gave me LOTS of money 😋👄💸💸💸 huahaha...I was fucking happyyyy....racket...I want a new racket... racket was always in my mind till I back to my house in south Kalimantan.

A week after I arrived house, my dad and I went to spot shop. My eyes look's the heaven of many models and design and colors.....whoaaa....whoaa...👄😍😍😍 and my dad pointed on that side and he chose the old and very cheap model and heavy racket.😧😵 always.....😵
after several minutes to negotiate with my daddy, I decided to buy a blue racket with a big bag and medium price IDR 150 K (it's on 2008, I still don't know about dollar).

I went to my house with all my pride. HA! I have a new racket with above IDR 100k price.  😎😎😎 I played like a pro. Everytime after I finished to play it, I always wipe the frame. Hehe.
I was so happy kid till I know my racket is too heavy to be played. 😂

Thank you my only one grand pa. We never seen each other after 2008 it's been a while. I knew you always be my handsome gentleman. 8 years mark so many lines on your face, I wish I can see that face again soon. I miss you grandpa. 😊

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