Rabu, 16 November 2016

Lunch at El's House

I'm sleepy....I'm a bit sleepy but that person was still typing and BANG! Several words from that person makes me cannot sleep now. Oh. It's still 4 am. Too early to sleep. So I am imagining my lunch yesterday.

I gotta LINE from my friend, El. She said "Wida. Come to college cuz I need your autograph to complete our proposal."

"Okay ASAP. OTW (to bathroom)"

"Widaaa....where have you been?"

"Ok I'm on my motorcycle now.  A minute...a minute"

*arrived on parking area*

I was greeted by a cleaning service, he waved his hands over me and called "hayy Widaa" so I replied him "hello" and then he came to me and said
"Wid. Can I lend your money, please?"
My heart said "hmm.😑😒that's why he acts different today. Huh"

I said : "how much bro?"

"10k idr..."

"Wah I thought I forgot to bring my money bro." "Eh wait let me check it."

I opened my bag and checked it. Huh I bring my wallet.

"How much? 10 idr right?"

"Hmm yes....hmm wait....do you have 15 k idr?"

"Uh...CANT! Look at my wallet. If you 15k idr I just 10 k idr. I'm not crazy enough. Here 10 k idr."

"Okay Wid. Thank you."


"Do u lend me with pleasure?"

"Hah? I can't hear you" (I was listening to music)

"Do you lend me with pleasure?"

"Ya ofc lah. I have give it to you."

I thought he talked several words and I just walked by.

I said "Elya...where is the paper?"

"You late, I have faked it."


*I gotta LINE, it's by my friend and she. Typed: no class today. Thank you*

Ya Salaam...
Lost 10k idr
Autograph was faked by El
No class at 2

El said "let's continue our work at my house"

Then we went to her house and she went to kitchen and I sat in her bedroom. After it she came to bedroom and bring 4 plates. 2 plates of super fat fish and 2 plates of rice and we ate it till I can't move on...my belly was soo full then I drank water,  too much, I thought my belly was going to explode....Duarrrr....cause it so pain and I wanted to farting.hehe...but I'm shy....🙈keep image broh....so I lay down...send several whatsapp to my (ehem)  and asked him to call me next hour. I started to sleep and on next hour my (ehem) called me really on time yeaaay...my human alarm 😀😁.

I woke up with close eyes and listened to the rain...meeting was waiting so...huah...back to college again...

What's the point of this post? It's nothing actually lol.

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